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braylee joy parker stage name chasity payne nicknames bray date of birth and age july 4th, 1988 & 29 birthplace midland, texas current residence midland, texas occupation actress at rde relationship status divorced/single vehicle 2017 Ford Mustang

Jessica Parker wanted so much more for her life than being a cop's wife. But she had fallen in love with Gilbert Parker and shortly after their third date, she learned she was pregnant with their first child. They got married shortly after the birth of their third child and by the time Jessica became pregnant with her fifth child, the Parker house was complete chaos. Gilbert didn't believe in birth control and wanted his wife to stay home with a house full of children. He was getting just that and was estatic when his wife went into labor on October 31, 1988. Their final child, a little girl named Braylee Joy, came screaming into the world. Her birth caused complications for Jessica and it took a while for her to get back on her feet. Because of that, the older silbings stepped in and took over for their mom when Braylee was brought home from the hospital.

As a young girl, she realized that she was a little different from her peers. Her parents were constantly busy and she very rarely saw them. It was almost always up to her older siblings to take care of her. Sometimes they were okay with that and would help her get meals together or do homework with her. In those moments, they didn't seem to mind having her around all the time. But there were days when she was expected to do it all herself. At six years old, that was a daunting task. But no one was really around, so she was left to her own defenses. On those days, she would usually go to a friend's house, hopeful that she could stay with them until it was time to go home and go to bed. No one really missed Braylee around the house and as a young kid, she hated it.

School was a welcome distraction from what was going on at home. She had a core group of friends who looked after her and their families kind of took her in as their own. She got to see how families really operated and it was a nice little glimpse into a different world. But by the time she reached high school and learned a few things about herself; she realized that she didn't much mind her parents' absentee approach.

Around the age of thirteen, Braylee realized that she was different from most of the girls she hung out with. While they were learning about their bodies and figuring out just how hot boys were; Braylee realized that she found boys and girls attractive. It was a weird thing to deal with, thanks to the gymnastics and cheerleading that she did. She didn't understand what was going on and she didn't have anyone to talk to. So she kept her mouth shut and her feelings to herself. Until she was fifteen and happened to have her first kiss with a girl. That was also around the time that she found herself crushing on a boy. He was an neighborhood kid and had been her friend for quite some time. One thing led to another and they started dating. But it was a short and confusing sort of romance. She didn't know what was going on with herself sexually and they quickly realized that they made much better friends. It took a little while, but they got back to a good, platonic relationship and she continued trying to figure out who she was and what she wanted out of life. When no answers came, she agreed to the semi-crazy plan of her best friend, Vanessa Moreo. She was getting the hell out of town and Braylee was going with her.

Life in LA was nothing like Braylee expected. With no plan, it was tough to make things work. But she was happy and liked finally being on her own. She followed in V's footsteps, not really caring what she had to do in order to find a bed or make money. She tried to do waitressing gigs and more "proper" occupations, but nothing made the kind of money that they needed. So V helped her out and hooked her up with a dancing job at the club she stripped at. It was a good club and she made pretty good money. With her sexuality figured out, she also learned that she made better tips in more private settings and usually with fellow dancers. So when a regular came in and asked to tape her and V fucking, she shrugged and went along with it. That was her first step into the world of porn.

It was a confusing process, getting her foot in the door. She went along with V to test shoots and ended up filming a few herself. Directors liked that she was willing to do girl-on-girl and a director took special interest in her. Wentworth Cooper had made quite a name for himself in the business and he liked the wholesome, girl-next-door look of Braylee Parker. She was booked for a few small films that had his name attached and not long after, he started courting her. At first she was confused. She didn't understand why he wanted her, but she knew what he wanted. So she let him have it; hoping he would leave her alone and let her get on with her life. She was twenty now, and had secured a nice place for herself. The roles were slowly coming in but Wentworth kept promising that he could get her more. He would be able to do more for her career if she just let him. He kept trying to get her back into his bed time and time again.

When Braylee turned twenty-one, she went to Vegas with a group of friends. Wentworth was along for the ride and footing the bill. By the end of the trip, Braylee went back to Los Angeles with three new movies in the works and a ring on her finger. One night of too much alcohol and gambling had led her to the Little White Wedding Chapel with Wentworth standing beside her. As they settled back into their normal lives, he made it clear that there would be no annulment or divorce. She was his wife and that was the way it was going to stay. Wentworth also took a step back from directing and decided to focus on his young wife's budding career. No decisions were made without going through him, if they weren't made by him at all. She suddenly had no control over her life and she didn't know what to do or how to get out of her current predicament. So for a while, she just went with the flow. Money was squirreled away in hopes that Wentworth wouldn't find it. She stuck around and let him call the shots until she was twenty-four. Her star was rising but she hated her life. She hated her marriage and she wanted out.

A chance trip to Midland held the solution to all of her problems. She'd been merely visiting when she ran into a Reaper named Colin Mackenzie. He owned the Reaper Den Entertainment, a porn company that treated their talent extremely well. They were well insulated, the girls had agents and help with bookings. They were also extremely protected against people who could possibly hurt them. So once she was sure that an offer had been laid on the table, she returned to LA with the intention of letting her current contract lapse. She also filed for divorce and packed her bags. She felt safer in Midland and even though she had to fight like hell for her freedom, it was a fight she felt she could win better in Texas. She secured herself an apartment, got settled in as a new talent at the Den, and settled into her new life. She also found a new sort of family while trying to gain her freedom. Braylee no longer trusted or believed in relationships but hated the loneliness that kept creeping up on her. She was free to explore herself however she wanted and she was thrilled.

Now at the age of twenty-eight, Braylee's a pretty popular name at the Den. She focuses primarily on girl-on-girl titles but won't turn down heterosexual films if the cast and crew are right. There are still scars from the beginning of her career, but her divorce has been finalized and she's free to do what she wants. She's also free to do who she wants and likes that she doesn't have to answer to anyone. She can consider the Reapers friends but she knows that to a lot of them, she's either just a piece of ass or a monetary asset.

HEIGHT: 5'7"
BUILD: Athletic/Slim
PIERCINGS: One in Each Ear, Both Nipples
WARDROBE: Staples include jeans of various styles, tank tops, sports bras, and oversized sweaters. Loves to wear sundresses in the summer and cowboy boots. Shoe staples include tall boots, flip flops, Converse sneakers, and a small assortment of high heels. Style is more girlie tomboy but everything underneath the clothes does come from Victoria's Secret.

• Likes to have fun with her piercings and changes them out frequently. At one time; she had her tongue, both nipples, and clit pierced. Now, she only has her tongue and nipples still pierced. She takes the rings out whenever she feels like it.
• Grew up in a chaotic house as the youngest of five children. She was often ignored by her parents and essentially was raised by her siblings.
• Loves sex and doesn't mind exploring her sexuality. But she's no push over in bed. She knows what she wants and what she likes, though she'll sometimes cater to the man climbing in her bed.
• Will agree that she's a bit of a sex fiend, but she's very selective. Years in a loveless marriage with horrible sex has made her almost desperate to make up for all that wasted time.
• Even though she's proud of her profession, she doesn't go around boasting about it. She'll only tell when asked directly, preferring to keep most details about herself unspoken. She has quite a few rules about herself; the most important being that she doesn't have anything to do with men or women claimed by someone else.
• No longer has any contact with her family, who picked up and moved to Dallas once Braylee was eighteen.
• Doesn't want to be a mother and isn't really interested in settling down. She doesn't chase patches hoping for the title of 'old lady'. She just enjoys them and it's pure coincidence when they end up in her bed.
• Does not hide the fact that she's bisexual. She'll hook up with men and women equally, but she's not interested in indulging girls who are only attracted to women when they're drunk and a guy is looking.
• Has had maybe two threesomes in the privacy of her personal life. She doesn't blab about her exploits.
• Her professional career consists more of girl-on-girl action than girl-on-guy, but she doesn't discriminate as long as she's comfortable with the material. There are some things she just won't do, on camera or off.

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